15 Days

My posting “Can This be the Answer to All Our Hopes and Dreams” has been met with sour disappointment. So, I have decided to go straight to the source:

Dear Son,

You have precisely 15 days to start sleeping-in to a humane hour of the morning. In case your memory is short, due to lack of sleep, like some other individuals I know, that hour is 6 a.m. Not one minute earlier.

I know that it’s been only the last couple of weeks that you’ve been doing this, and that you’ve been known to be so lovely as to sleep-in until as late as 7 a.m. on occassion. But, rules are rules. Children must learn their proper sleeping habits in this family before one year of age. Your time, dear boy, is running out.

Now, don’t look at me with that ready smile, that infectious giggle. Nor those sparkling pale blue eyes. And not even that sweet “Ma Ma”-thing you do of late with your chubby cheeks beckoning me. All that these mean, very simply, is that we’ll get a better price for you.

15 days.

Love Mother.



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2 responses to “15 Days

  1. Kelly

    I have to know… did it work?

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