Bad luck comes in 3s

I hope that old saying that bad luck comes in 3s is true. I’ve had my share over the past few week. But I’ve managed to impress myself by mostly engaging in silent screams instead of screeching about madly while ripping my hair out.

If you check out my website site (, you’ll see number one: it’s disappeared. Long story.

If you’ve seen me in person over the past week and noticed the different hair colours, you’ll understand that to be number two. So far it’s involved a ridiculous amount of time with foil on my head, a silly amount of money and the result has turned out to be my natural hair colour. Uh huh.

And number three is the fact that I am even blogging this because I was supposed to be working on an in-house contract as of Monday. Although I arranged child care and my schedule to do so, the contract has still not come through in writing.

That’s 3. You can cut me a few breaks now, thanks.


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