My brother, the puppy-replacement

Daughter: I really miss having a dog in our family.

Mother: Me too, honey.

Daughter: I wish we could get a puppy; get a new dog for our family.

Mother: I do sometimes too, honey.

Daughter: Oh well, at least we have my baby brother. He’s like having a puppy, isn’t he?


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One response to “My brother, the puppy-replacement

  1. Trudy

    Funny Jules….
    Because my 8 year old was revamping his magnetic ‘chore chart’ today – you know the kind that has a bunch of options…and you select your pre-determined chores for the week? Well…he stuck the ‘take care of your pet’ chore on the chart. That wouldn’t be unusual except for the small detail that we do NOT have ANY pets! Nope…nadda…not even a fish or hamster. When I asked him why he chose that one – his response was ‘Alex is sorta considered a pet, isn’t he?” You got it…Alex is his two year old very spirited brother! ha ha

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