Let’s Panic!

Oh my! I can barely write I am laughing so hard at this new website launched by mommy-blogger Alice Bradley of Finslippy fame, and her co-hort in tongue-in-cheek-crime Eden Kennedy. Although I’d seen Bradley before from Momversations, I hadn’t come across Kennedy as of yet. You can immediately get a feel for Kennedy’s humour style though by visiting her blog yogabeans, where her son’s action figures demonstrate ashtanga yoga.

These two women recently launched Let’s Panic!  It’s a “resource” site for the newly pregnant as well as the new parent. The advice here is so precious.  Take, for example, these offerings:

There’s also the rotating banner of quotes that include: “Say goodbye to your pert breasts forever” and “Hey, it wasn’t our idea for you to get pregnant.

But the thing that cracks me up the most? Go check out the “sponsors” for this site. Seriously, what are you waiting for? Go! (But don’t say I didn’t warn you if it causes you to spit your coffee out all over your keyboard.)



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2 responses to “Let’s Panic!

  1. OMG that is BRILLIANT!!! I had this idea once of coaching new parents-to-be – before the baby is born – to help them determine what sort of family they wanted to be… But this is better (in a irreverent sort of way…) LMAO!

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