How fast can you blow through $1,000?

Tired of budget, budget, budgeting? Let’s have some fun!

Someone just handed you $1,000 in cold hard cash. It’s all yours, but you must follow the rules to keep it.

The rules:
1. You must spend it. No savings, RESP and responsible things like that.
2. It cannot be anything you actually “need.” It can only be spent on “wants.”
3. No big ticket items. No individual item can be more than $200.
4. No time to waver – you must develop your list in less than 15 minutes.

Here’s mine!

1. Very cool Star Wars lego set from the Classics collection = $80

2.  Dinner at The Black Dog & Babysitter = $150.00

3.  Dior Skin Nude (Foundation Makeup) = $70.00 

4. Two luxe bras from Bra Chic = $200.00 (DaniGirl is entirely responsible for this entry! See her post here to understand why.)

5. Keen sandals for my daughter = $80.00

6. Matching Keen sandals for me = $95.00

7. Pedicure, Manicure & Facial at The Spa = $200.00

8. Full head highlights at Bossarts = $140.00

Wow, that’s it … I’ve already spent it all!!

Play along by listing your shopping spree in a comment or by including a link to your blog post in my comments. Just remember, no thinking too much — just spend it quick on “wants” that come top of mind.

Your turn!



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6 responses to “How fast can you blow through $1,000?

  1. Adam

    1. New jeans x 2 – mine are too big now and I’m sporting the white rapper look: = $100

    2. Court Shoes for squash, time to retire my ratty pair = $90

    3. First 16 of the Richard Sharpe series – time to set the dork in me in stone = $200.

    4. New knife set – Grandomother’s hand me down set just ain’t cutting it anymore = $120.

    5. Complete Ipod Charger Kit This one is for the car and travelling! =$90

    6. <a href="“> Wicked day pack =$150

    7. <a href="“> Super light sleeping pad for trips when the down one is too heavy =$100

    8. Wicked Food dehydrator I’m tired of eating astronaut food on the trail – gotta make my own grub! =$190.

    I think I’m a little over -oops.

    • coffeewithjulie

      Hi Adam – I like your picks! Especially the knife set, I could really go for that too. The $$ goes quickly, doesn’t it?!

  2. Adam

    Darn! I don’t know why two of the links messed up….sorry 😦

  3. Adam

    Ya it’s too easy to spend money! Especially when it’s imaginary! Although I had to restrain myself from choosing a couple of big ticketers – like new camera body for example :p

  4. Brenda

    Great post, Julie

    1. New jeans! x2. $230
    2. Haircut $50
    3. Good yoga mat $80
    4. OK, I would buy bras too. Matching undies, obviously. Not necessarily luxe, just the right size. $100
    5. One small piece of art for my home that I love $200
    6. Materials to make my dream headboard . $100
    7. Materials and plants to begin a beautiful garden in my backyard… attracting birds and butterflies is a priority. $200
    8. Chinese take out the next time I really don’t feel like cooking $40

  5. Hey, we have that lego set! It is so cool. There is a little dial on the back and you can turn it to close the X-wings, then open them back into attack position. Plus there is a little secret compartment in the top for Luke’s lightsaber.

    It took Sir Monkeypants almost four hours to build it…it’s not a set for little kids!

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