Writerly happenings

Writers are always on the hunt for ways to improve their craft, and I’m no different. I’m always sniffing around for new ideas, new initiatives, new ways to learn.

At BOLO the other night, I overheard a number of bloggers mention that they were writers as a day-time gig (alot of fellow corporate communicators) as well as some stay-at-home-moms who said that they aspire to be writers.

So, I thought that I’d share some interesting writerly happenings that I come by here on my blog. I’ll do the grunt work of sifting through event sites and then I’ll pull out the relevant info into quick-read bites. If it seems of value to my readers, I’ll keep posting them. You can let me know.

Happening: Writer’s Digest Conference
Who is it for: People who want to publish a book
Why it’s interesting: Focus on indie publishing and using social media tools for marketing authors
Where is it: New York City
When is it: Sept 18-20, 2009
Entry Fee: $395 USD
Learn more

Happening: BlogHer ’10
Who is it for: Bloggers (mostly women) that want to connect and grow their blog
Why it’s interesting: It’s a sold-out event where tickets go fast
Where is it: New York City
When is it: August 6-7, 2010
Entry Fee: $198 USD
Learn more

Happening: BlogHer Business ’10
Who is it for: Brand marketers, PR/Comm specialists, Media buyers
Why it’s interesting: 360 degree case studies on social media campaigns targeting women online – what works, what doesn’t
Where is it: New York City
When is it: August 5, 2010
Entry Fee: $499 USD 
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Happening: Writing and Publishing the Short Stuff
Who is it for: Stay-at-Home-Moms who want to break into magazine writing
Why it’s interesting: It’s an online course tailored specifically to the demanding schedule of SAHMs offered by a Christina Katz, who did it herself
Where is it: online
When is it: August 12 and runs for 6 weeks
Entry Fee: $250 USD
Learn more

Happening: Magazine Writers’ Craft Fair
Who is it for: emerging/aspiring freelance magazine writers
Why is it interesting: a chance to meet Canadian industry professionals and editors and learn what they’re looking for
Where is it: Vancouver
When is it: August 15, 2009
Entry fee: $45
Learn more

Happening: E-Publishing Certificate from Algonquin College
Who is it for: anyone who wants to break into a publishing career with an extra advantage as well as folks like me who learned their trade mostly via traditional print publishing techniques
Why is it interesting: offered entirely in the evenings and on weekends so it’s accessible for full-time workers and SAHMs
Where is it: Ottawa campus
When is it: starts Fall 2009 and is a one-year program (info night on Aug 12)
Entry fee: $1,500 per semester
Learn more


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  1. This is awesome info, Julie, thanks so much! I would definitely be interested in more posts on the same topic.

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