Happy 7th Birthday Breakfast!

Happy 7th Birthday Breakfast!

Just after 5 am this morning, I flipped my eyelids open and standing before me was my daughter.

“Hi Mom! Is it time for me to open my birthday presents?” she whispered. “No hon, it’s a bit too early still. Lay in bed for a bit,” I mumbled.

She dutifully returned around 6 am and we all hung out on our bed together and watched as she gleefully opened each gift.

She was thrilled with everything — even her cards. Every so often, as she was unwrapping, she would pop her head up, with a bright beaming smile (something she doesn’t do too often these days; I think she is uncomfortable with her new adult teeth) and exclaim, “thank you so much!”

What a beautiful little face. What a grateful soul. What a darling person.

It was just after 5 am, seven years ago, that we received the greatest gift — our daughter. Thank you so much.



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5 responses to “Thank-you

  1. Brenda

    awww. 🙂
    Birthdays are so special for moms.

    Have a great one, both of you.

  2. Ali

    Hey Julz. Hope Sophie had a lovely day. I only followed the link so I could see what the picture was. Its very cool-freaky eyeballs…Love.

  3. Nat

    Happy birthday to her!
    Hope it was wonderful for you both.

  4. Aw, I love birthdays! Glad you both had a good day. (But man, those are some freaky-deaky kiwis!!)

    • coffeewithjulie

      Dani – that cracks me up – “freaky-deaky”! haha! They probably just look wierd because I’m no pro photographer. It’s blueberry pancakes and each kiwi has a blueberry on top of it. Hope that makes them seem more “freaky-yummy” instead!

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