Travel with Baby

There is many a parent I know who choses not to travel when their child is a baby. I completely respect this decision.

But this post is for those who would like to continue travelling, even after baby, and might be looking for some tips. The tips here are a combo of practicality and inspiration …

5 Tips for Travel with Baby

Tip #1:  Try and keep your bedtime rituals going for the evening, but flexibility is the name of the game during the day.

Unlike most adults, babies can sleep just about anywhere.

Unlike most adults, babies can sleep just about anywhere.

Tip #2: When you see a fascinating new sight or a breathtaking view — look at baby to see her reaction. Is she focusing on a particular new sound or perhaps the sensation of wind in her hair — try to mimic her focus and take it in as well. Your experience will be all the richer.

Tip #3: If you know you’re travel-bound once baby arrives, don’t get him accustomed to food at a certain temperature. Room temperature food is just as yummy and makes eating anywhere possible.

Some places make nicer feeding spots than others!

Some places make nicer feeding spots than others!

Tip #4: Although marketers are keen on developmental or educational toys for babies, everyday objects can serve the same purpose. Expose baby to textures, shapes and colours just like the toys do and baby will be just fine.

Tip #5:  Budget-conscious travel as a family will often mean going without some of the comforts of home. Accept this before you pack your bags.

Rub-a-dub-dub in the SINK? Water is water.

Rub-a-dub-dub in the SINK? Water is water.

 Now that I’ll be travelling with children and not babies, I’ll need a new arsenal of tips. Do you have some to share with me?



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4 responses to “Travel with Baby

  1. Kathryn

    Jules – share the bottle warming tip when in a hotel room…

  2. Nat

    When I was a baby my mom used to bathe use in this great big bucket/basin at the cottage. When The Boy was a babe we used to do the same thing. It was a minor calamity when it sprung a leak after 35 years, when my sis went to bathe her wee one in there.

  3. Stefanie

    Wish I had some tips before I travelled to Belgium with a 6 and 8 year old boys. Thought I was prepared, but I tell ya the only part of the trip I am blocking out is the plane ride. 8 hours watching flight attendants eat the foods he is allergic to and trying to convince and active boy that sitting for this long is FUN!!!

    What can you do???

  4. coffeewithjulie

    Kath – oh yes! great idea … I’ll have to share that one soon.

    Nat – awww… I like your big bucket at the cottage story. Thanks for sharing!

    Stefanie – oh no, sorry to hear the flight was somewhat traumatic for you! Long flights really are THE most challenging part of travelling with kids. In case it helps for another time, what I do is this: if it’s an 8-hour flight, I’ll bring 4 different snacks and 4 different new toys/games/coloring books (this is in addition to a portable DVD player with ear phones!). You have to be very sneaky and make sure your children don’t see the snacks or toys before you get on the plane — they just magically appear each hour. I also walk the aisles alot to burn a bit of energy and stretch the legs. I find that flight attendants fall into two categories — terrible or terrific. So I also bring my own empty water bottles and fill them up from the sink myself so I don’t have to rely on their service.

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