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SIGG: not so super, afterall?

Sending back my Siggs

Sending back my Siggs

We’ve been using Sigg bottles for ages. And that really says something, since we don’t spend our money lightly on fads. We’re talking $30 for a water bottle to put in a child’s lunch box. When there’s a plastic alternative that’s less than $5, we’ve clearly drawn a line in the sand.

Why? It’s enviro-friendly not to be constantly purchasing plastic water bottles all the time. Sigg bottles are also extremely tough and survive even the worst treatment — from my husband’s camping trips to the disaster that is the back of my car. And last but not least, we didn’t want any chemicals to be leaching into the water we drink.

Naturally, then, I was surprised to find that the inner liner of my Sigg bottles contained BPA. Thinking back now, I can’t actually recall ever reading that Sigg didn’t contain BPA, but I had somehow linked the Sigg brand with safety.

Sigg is now fighting the PR battle of its life. And it all started with a proud announcement that it had developed a new liner — the EcoCare liner — which is apparently 100% BPA-free. This caused many existing customers who’d been using the older models to step back in alarm: “Huh? That means my old liner was not 100% BPA-free?” (Here is the letter from Sigg’s CEO explaining the whole mess.)

Yep, that’s right. Sigg may not be so super, afterall. I’ve recommended these bottles to countless friends. And frankly, the levels of BPA potentially present from the old liners is hardly anything to worry about. (Here is an independent study on BPA levels, published by Z Recommends.) But still … I feel like I was duped and I feel silly for pushing these pricey bottles on my friends.

Sigg is now voluntarily replacing (note: this is not a recall) customers’ old bottles for ones with the new liners. If you’d like to send yours back, go online to and click on the menu item “Exchange Program.” Be sure to download the shipping label for Canadian customers.

Naturally, there are many who will refuse to use Sigg products again. They’ve simply lost trust in this brand. If you fall in this boat, here is a comprehensive review of alternative BPA-free bottles for you to choose from.


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Would your husband notice?

In More magazine’s September issue, a writer gets her face pumped up with injectable filler and bets that her husband won’t notice. Or at least she hopes, since he’s philosophically against these kind of “youthenizer” treatments.

Her article “Is my epidermis showing?” reads a bit like a sad commentary on modern family life. When her husband arrives home after work, she’s on pins and needles wondering if he is going to notice. Instead:

He comes in the door, calls hello and asks if there is any dinner left. I approach, smile and say I made a lovely dinner and there’s plenty left for him.

“Great. Thanks.” He brushes past me and sits with his dinner and the newspaper. Good. I guess.

 Huh? That’s the extent of their interaction? It’s no wonder then that he doesn’t notice her face. He probably wouldn’t notice if she got an entire face-lift done!

But as much as I would like to distance myself from this writer (who is going by the pyseudonym “Ivana Filler” – LOL), I have to wonder … would my husband actually notice if I got a filler? What do you think — would yours?


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How fast can you blow through $1,000?

Tired of budget, budget, budgeting? Let’s have some fun!

Someone just handed you $1,000 in cold hard cash. It’s all yours, but you must follow the rules to keep it.

The rules:
1. You must spend it. No savings, RESP and responsible things like that.
2. It cannot be anything you actually “need.” It can only be spent on “wants.”
3. No big ticket items. No individual item can be more than $200.
4. No time to waver – you must develop your list in less than 15 minutes.

Here’s mine!

1. Very cool Star Wars lego set from the Classics collection = $80

2.  Dinner at The Black Dog & Babysitter = $150.00

3.  Dior Skin Nude (Foundation Makeup) = $70.00 

4. Two luxe bras from Bra Chic = $200.00 (DaniGirl is entirely responsible for this entry! See her post here to understand why.)

5. Keen sandals for my daughter = $80.00

6. Matching Keen sandals for me = $95.00

7. Pedicure, Manicure & Facial at The Spa = $200.00

8. Full head highlights at Bossarts = $140.00

Wow, that’s it … I’ve already spent it all!!

Play along by listing your shopping spree in a comment or by including a link to your blog post in my comments. Just remember, no thinking too much — just spend it quick on “wants” that come top of mind.

Your turn!


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Lunchbox past its expiry date

School is drawing to a close, but summer camps are coming soon, and my daughter’s lunch box (actually, insulated bag) has past its expiry date. Sure, it’s cute and all. But it’s not practical and no matter how thoroughly I clean the thing, it still smells. Yuck!

With enviro-consciousness hitting the school grounds, her lunch bag is generally stuffed with a whole assortment of mismatched plastic containers to house various snacks (apparently she needs three a day) as well as a Sigg drink bottle for water.  

Clearly, I need to get myself organized and get a better system in place. (Like when I go to a clothing store and refuse to buy anything unless the store can offer an entire outfit. I don’t want to track down pants somewhere else to match this top! I want the one-stop-shop deal.)

In case you’re in the same jam as me, I’m sharing my research with you here to save you the time. I imagine there are some pretty groovy options out there. Some more pricey than others, but if it last more than a year, I don’t mind spending up a little more.  

So here are the criteria I’ve used to narrow down the list.
1. Must be under $40.
2. Must be a full-solution (i.e. not just a bag, but all the extra containers required for snacks and whatnot).
3. Must be BPA-free.
4. Must be lead-free.
5. Must be phthalate-free.
6. Must be available to buy on-line for Canadian deliveries or have a local supplier in Ottawa.
7. Cannot be pink or purple. (That’s my daughter’s criteria.)

Here’s what I’ve found:
Bento Laptop Lunch System

Yep, that’s it. Only one that met all the criteria.

There were some other interesting options though:
Kids Konserve: Complete system, great looking, but pricey.
Crocodile Creek: Nice. But just the bag, no inner containers.
Muchlers: Super cute. But just a bag, and likely too small for my girl.
L.L. Bean: Practical, well-constructed bag with choice of creature on it. 

I’m all ears … tell me your lunch box solutions! I’ve got years, and years, and years, of lunch-making ahead of me so I want to get a great system down pat.


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